Strawlific Worldwide:

solution to

plastic pollution.


We have only one planet

and it is our common duty and

responsibility to protect it.

Strawlific Australia,

 believes that we have found

a real solution to replace

plastic straws

and all other alternatives

such as metal, glass,

paper and PLA.

Our straws are grown in the tropical wetlands of Vietnam, are handpicked by local farmers, and cut, cleaned, sterilized and packaged in our headquarters.


Grey sedge and tropical reed are natural plants long used by rural farmers and grow alongside agriculturally cultivated areas. 

Bundled together Strawlific offers refills in bulk. The range starts from 1000 straws. This enables you to store straws for up to a year in a non-humid and cool environment. Sedgy straws are plucked from nature and offer a great alternative to other straws currently in the market.

Our retail pack offers customers to deliver straws in a tube box. This is great for personal use, small gatherings or a great way to present straws to customers at a cafe or restaurant. Due to the size of the straw being determined naturally, typically these hold 90-110 straws