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The idea of Strawlific was birthed in April 2019. Aiming to positively impact the natural world,
Strawlific had an ambitious goal of becoming the leading organic straw producer and supplier of the world. ​

Three main factors compelled Strawlific to reach these goals:

- The growing awareness about plastic pollution and the consequent change in regulations.

- The sheer volume of straw consumption — somewhere between one and two billion per day globally.

- The geographical location — beautiful southern Vietnam where all fundamental conditions are provided.



Strawlific | Straw + prolific.

 The grey sedge, the first plant we had come across, the star of the show, grows fast and abundant and
we hope that one day it will be as prolific a straw as it is a plant.

Located in Melbourne, Strawlific Australia is set to distribute eco friendly straws all over Australia.