The Change Starts With You

We have only one planet and it is our common duty and responsibility to protect it



- 100% Natural & biodegrades organically

-  No preservatives & no chemicals

-  Food grade certified

-  Gluten fee, lactose free & sugar free

-  No deforestation & super low ecological footprint

-  Helps protect habitat of endangered species

-  Supporting local communities



Do you like promoting healthy & natural foods? Strawlific is your next step to a no-waste society. Our single use straws are healthy for the earth & promote wellness


The best way to reduce plastic waste is to use natural products. A natural replacement for straws, are grass straws. 

When you commit to using nature-friendly products, you want to be rest assured that every part of the production process is sustainable. 

With Strawlific Australia, not only do you get just that, you help ensure job opportunities to people of rural areas and conserve the habitat of local wildlife at the same time. 

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