3 Reasons To Stop Using Plastics

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Plastic straws are destructive to the natural ecosystems and we have known this for over 20 years. Plastics have polluted our natural wildlife including our great barrier reef systems. The plastic straw may be one of the most destructive inventions that we have bought upon ourselves in the industrial age. We took a step away from natural products we already had, including wooden benches, chopping boards and other household utilities and turned to plastics instead.

Plastics Do Not Biodegrade

Plastic straws take about 200 years to degrade completely. Plastic straws are very thin and break down much faster than thicker plastics such as a plastic chopping board or other objects. These types of plastics can take over a 1000 years to break down and sometimes have no use during that life cycle. We all know that “Biodegradation is the naturally-occurring breakdown of materials by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi or other biological activity.” Unfortunately plastics aren’t affected by these microorganisms and cannot be naturally broken down, only left to rot in our natural environments for thousands of years.

Pollutes Our Natural Environments

As we moved into plastic packaging for products, keeping them fresher for longer was very important. This meant over-packaging products. You choose a pack of lozenges from the chemist, each lozenge is inside a plastic pack. The packages end up in our oceans, out of landfills and eaten by animals. Over 1 million animals are killed each year by plastics in our oceans. One animal dying from plastics, land or sea is too many. We are indirectly killing our wildlife and natural habitats.

Not Easy To Recycle

Plastics cannot be burned and are hard to break down. The recycling process is not easy and some have decided to make other objects out of recycled plastics. You can see chairs in parks and other public objects. The reason for this is because plastics are not cheap to recycle and also harmful impacts the environment. It does reduce the amount of plastic in society but it also can contribute to climate change.

The best way to reduce plastic waste is to use natural products instead. There are many natural replacements for plastics or even re-using plastics such as containers can help. A natural replacement for straws are grass straws. You can purchase grass straws from our website in a retail pack of 100 or you can in bulk from our website.


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