Eco Friendly Straws 2020 guide

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

The year is 2020 and the entire world has rightfully spent a lot of time thinking and talking about the pandemic, racism and other cultural issues that many western societies face. As a society something we need to consistently be concerned for is our environment. This is an Eco Friendly Straws 2020 Guide!

For the last 5 years we have been given many different solutions to replace straws such as plastic straws, paper straws, PLA straws etc. The easiest way to approach these ideas is - if you are looking for a solution that nurtures the environment cycle instead of destroying it. None of these cheap solutions make sense.

Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

Hay Straws

When Hay straws came on the market we thought all of our prayers were answered. They grow in the ground & we have an abundance of hay especially in Australia. If you’ve ever tried to drink a milkshake with a hay straw you would know … you can’t. Hay straws are thin and brittle, often coated in solutions that make them feel fake and plastic. Hay straws break down naturally and don’t wreak havoc on natural Australian wild life but their utility does not replace that of a plastic straw.

Wheat Straws

Wheat is much like hay. They are brittle and usually very thin meaning that you cannot drink a smoothie or milkshake from these types of straws. They do have the natural eco-friendly aspects that other straws contain but unfortunately are not a viable solution to that of a plastic straw. Sometimes their coating makes them also seem plastic to touch and it’s not yet clear if this has a further impact on the environment.

Grass straws (THE WINNER)

There are many different types of grass straws on the market. Grass straws come in all shapes and sizes but Strawlifics grass straws are premium straws that do not become soggy like paper straws. Strawlifics grass straws become softer to touch and less brittle when they are exposed to liquid allowing them to withstand the suction of a thick-shake or smoothie. Grass straws are natural to touch and come directly from nature. They do not destroy the environment like paper or metal straws and break down naturally under any conditions.

You can buy natural grass straws in a retail pack of 100 or you can purchase them in bulk from our website. Plastic straws are one of top #5 plastics found in our beaches and waters. The only way we can make the change in our world and remove plastics from our environment is to find new sustainable solutions. Grass straws will replace them from affecting our wildlife & help fight climate change.


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