Strawlific Grass Straws

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Strawlific straws are 100% sedgy grass from Vietnam. With very little human intervention the straws are taken from the natural earth to be used in fresh drinks. Unlike most other products on the market, Strawlifics grass straws do not become soggy when wet, pollute like plastics and contribute to climate change

Strawlific prides itself on using the local community to manually farm our product to create jobs and prosperity in Vietnam. This also helps keep our carbon footprint to a minimum as we are not using motor powered vehicles to farm the grass and procure our product.

Grass straws are the future of drinking utility as plastic straws are being outlawed in many countries & consumers are starting to find out about the impact paper straws are having on deforestation and the carbon footprint it takes to procure and produce these types of straws. Other natural products on the market are treated with chemicals, very thin in width or feel very plastic like. Strawlifics straws are the perfect balance between the natural world and consumers as they mimic the positive qualities of plastic straws without the negative impacts.

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