Drinking Straws - Measuring by ‘mouth feel’

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99 has a Pizza review blog which measures and rates the ‘mouth feel’ of every pizza he tries. Well… Strawlific is now the second blog in the world that measures mouth feel.

Metal Straws

Taste and touch are not extremely measurable traits but when something enters your mouth and feels funny, you instantly know. This might be the same feeling you get when you place a metal straw in your mouth. Most people say that the metallic feeling of metal in your mouth is not pleasant. A metal drinking straw becomes freezing cold or terribly hot sitting in your drink makes them uncomfortable. Drinking straws have become a fundamental way for cafe lovers to enjoy a beverage but Metal straws get a mouth feel rating of 6/10

Paper Straws

Have you ever spilled some water on a workbook? Maybe a school book that you’ve completed some maths sums in? Paper quickly becomes gross and wet. Much like a wet blanket, everything it touches feels to be a sticky sensation. Well now imagine putting that in your mouth. Paper straws become soggy within minutes being exposed to liquid, hot or cold. For this reason the paper straw gets a mouth feel rating of 4/10

Grass Straws

As far as determining if drinking straws have a good mouth feel they must reach a certain standard. These could include feeling as much like a plastic straw as possible factoring in weight, touch, taste & general usability. Grass straws are similar sizes, width and have little to no added taste when drinking a beverage. They grow naturally in the ground and are the perfect gift from nature. You can purchase these from our website in a pack of ~100 or you can order bulk.


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