The Shocking Truth About Paper Straws That No One Talks About

Typically we associate waste and plastics with climate change. Although plastics mostly contribute to pollution, this article outlines exactly how paper straws are affecting our environment and driving climate change.

Paper straws claim to be biodegradable but most recycling companies won’t accept any recyclable goods that have interacted with foods, rendering most of these types of straws useless. They are marketed as a viable alternative that are biodegradable and are good for the environment - this is a marketing technique more than it is a solution for those interested in helping the environment.

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Paper straws are made from wood, adhesive and ink. There are some manufacturers that have met standards when producing their paper straws to mitigate some of the negative factors that could come from this type of production. These mitigating factors might be to use a certified food grade ink but most manufacturers do not make it clear the types of ink are being used in their products.

Paper straws contribute to the deforestation around the world. So that paper straws do not become as soggy in liquid they are made to be thicker to withstand the liquid. This means that more trees are cut down to be used in the production of these straws.

To cut down trees many trucks, saws, mills and other fossil-fuel driven machinery are used to develop the paper straws. These straws are also manufactured in a facility by machinery where they are once again using the fuels of the earth that mankind has dug up to power these resources. According to this article it “takes about 91 percent more energy to recycle a pound of paper than a pound of plastic” showing that paper straws are driving climate change.

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