Retail Package

Retail Package

SKU: Retail-pack

This pack of ~100 Sedgy straws comes in our retail package.


These are great to sell in your local store or purchase for your guests to use at a party. 


Being that our straws are natural, our pack size may vary between around 95 to 115 straws depending their growth.


For buying bulk please contact one of our sales representatives


    An all natural straw cultivated from Grey Sedge (Lepironia articulata).


    Sedgies are the rough yet comfortable, eco-friendly solution to plastic pollution, out-performing paper, PLA, metal, glass and other natural substitutes.

    Able to withstand 110 degrees Celsius, and frozen conditions, it’s good for hot, cold and alcoholic drinks, and increases in durability after a few minutes in liquid.

    From cocktails to carrot juice and even ninja-snorkels, this tiny giant is perfect for every occasion. We are sure it will be as prolific a straw as it is a plant. Behold the future between your lips. 


    Due to Strawlific being a natural product if stored in an undesirable place such as a humid warm area they may become moldy. Strawlific Australia is not responsible for any damage to the straws in this manner after purchase.

    We do our best to ensure the quality of the product that Strawlific Australia produces by selecting the best straws to package and send to our customers. Some straws may become cracked or damaged during transport of the product. For this reason we do not offer refund on some cracked straws in the package. If you are concerned about this please contact


    Shipping can take up to 3-5 days when local after confirmation that stock is available. Interstate shipping depending on order size may vary.